Discover the full potential of Profiler

The different features that are available in the full version are listed below with a short explanation of every feature. On the bottom of the page you can find the pricing for advertisers. The pricing for agencies are calculated differently, please contact us if you want to have more information concerning this pricing.

Analyse the people that matter to your brand

Well, you can try to challenge us to find a group that we cannot analyze. If your group contains email addresses, website visitors, socio-demographics or can be defined by any characteristics, we can analyze them!

You can combine the different possibilities to define the right audience!

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  • Your Client base

    e.g.: analyze your clients based on email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Website visitors

    e.g.: analyze the people that visited your website (or a specific page).
  • Behavior/lifestyle

    e.g.: analyze the environmentalists between 8 and 34 years old, who also show an interests in sustainable energy and the car brand Tesla.
  • FB fans

    e.g.: analyze the people that liked your page or who engaged with your content.
  • Competitors

    e.g.: analyze the people that show an interest for the competitor brand(s).
  • Socio-demographics

    e.g.: analyze the Parents that live in New York and who are working as an accountant.

Compare it to a reference or benchmark of choice

You can compare your selected audience to a citywide population, a nationwide population, a specific gender, whoever you want!

Example: you can compare your client base with a Country, a City, a Gender, Age Group, …
  • Client base

  • vs
  • Gender

    Country / City

    Age group


Add personalized criteria

We already predefined a LOT of criteria, but of course, we don’t want to limit you. That is why you can add even more criteria based on your needs!

Apply templates that are suited for your brand

Make sense of the insights! We can automatically select the most interesting insights for you and bring them up on your account. You need a template concerning Media Affinity? Socio-demographics? Brand affinity? NO PROBLEM! with only one click you can add the dashboards or reports, based on your needs.

Make your own Dashboards and Reports

We don’t want to limit your creativity! Start from scratch and make you own dashboard and reports. You can always take an existing template and continue working on that one.

Save in PDF and Share it with your team

Proud of your work and want to show it to your colleagues? Well, it’s very easy: what you see is what you get!

Export the data in Excel

Are you someone that wants to work with the data and use this for your internal platform? You can export more than 4500 criteria and use it as you want. Carefull because the many line can hurt your eyes :)

What’s there for you if you upgrade:

  • Key Features

    Free trial

    Full version

  • Dive into 5 ready-made studies

  • Explore data insights

  • Look at predefined Reports

  • Export predefined Reports

  • Analyze any audience without restrictions

  • Compare it to a reference or benchmark of choice

  • Add personalized criteria (list of competitors, specific topics,...) when creating study

  • Add Report templates that matter to you

  • Make your own Reports and Dashboards from scratch

  • Save your work in PDF and share it with your team

  • Extract all the data and insights in Excel

  • Get complete access to all the data insights (>4500 criteria)

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Contact us if you wish to have more information concerning the pricing.